School of Sacred Music - veritas in musica
Mobile Seminar
The School of Sacred Music  has traveled to many churches throughout the Northwest to present weekend seminars for anyone interested.  We will tailor the content of each seminar to the perceived needs of the host church.  We have presented seminars in the topics of Philosophy of Music Ministry, The Human Instrument, Church Music Workshop, and Music Reading Skills.  At your request, we will bring a weekend seminar to your church for your congregation, leadership, or other interested students in your area. This can be scheduled by contacting the School directly.  Tuition for the mobile seminar is equal to our estimate of all related costs plus 15 percent.  Of course, we always appreciate a love offering being taken, but this is neither required nor expected.  We strive to keep this ministry affordable and beneficial for you. 
Click Here to view a portion of our seminar at Condon Community Church on 23 February 2013.
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