School of Sacred Music - veritas in musica
About Us
The School of Sacred Music is an independent ministry education organization.  We exist to provide comprehensive, foundational, and practical training for church musicians and music leaders. We offer courses in two formats, designed to address the various needs and resources of rural church bodies.
Our premiere ministry is our complete curriculum, which is designed to provide a college-/seminary-level foundation in music theory, history, philosophy, and praxis for current and future church musicians and leaders.  This curriculum is available via correspondence through the mail as well as online via our Online Campus link on the left.  We are a ministry first, and all of our course content is available for anyone to use for free through this website.  For students interested in a mentoring relationship with one of our faculty and in earning a credential for their work with us, we offer the Diploma in Sacred Music, as well as the possibility of earning a Bachelor of Sacred Music degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana, with whom we enjoy a collaborative relationship.  Since this requires a great deal of commitment and material from us, we do charge very minimal tuition for each course taken in this manner.
Our other mode of instruction is our Mobile Music Seminar.  This is designed to provide practical and foundational instruction in the most basic elements of biblical philosophy of music, biblical standards for music selection, and vocal production for leaders and congregations.   
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